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*rubs hands together* so how much caffeine am I going to dump into my garbage body today

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If someone doesn’t like me then I’m just like ok what demon is possessing u soul and filling your brain with evil hateration thoughts ? Such a character flaw


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❝ I’m running off of coffee and the hope of a nap later ❞
—— Me 
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im kinda like a puppy because if you dont talk to me for a few days i’ll forget you love me and i get really happy when people show me affection and also i eat dog food

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“I remember Fight Club played at the Venice Film Festival at a midnight screening. Edward Norton and I, after having a few drinks, were sitting next to the president who’s running the whole thing. We’re sitting up in the balcony. It’s subtitled and we’re the only fuckers laughing. It gets to one of Helena’s scandalous lines - ‘I haven’t been fucked like that since I was in grade school.’ - and literally, the guy running the festival got up and left. Edward and I were still the only ones laughing. You could hear two idiots up in the balcony cackling through the whole thing.”
—Brad Pitt

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